North East and North Cumbria ICS

We work closely with our colleagues in the north east. Our patients receive specialist care from teams across the region and we share many of the same challenges around workforce and sustainability.

It makes sense for us to work together to tackle these issues collaboratively and develop partnership – such as our new Cancer Centre being built in Carlisle which will be run by the Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

We are actively involved in helping shape plans for our region and we are part of the North East and North Cumbria Integrated Care System (ICS).

Our Ambition

By working with local communities, our partner organisations and our amazing health and care staff, our ambition is to significantly improve health outcomes for people who live in our region and create a health and care system which is fit for the future. To do this, we have agreed six shared priorities:

  1. Improve population health and prevent ill health -  by increasing public awareness on living healthy and well, developing screening to better prevent, detect and manage the biggest causes of premature death and continuing to reduce tobacco and alcohol consumption.
  2. Improve the quality and sustainability of local health services - by working together across organisational boundaries and with our frontline clinical teams to develop future services models which ensure all patients have fair access to safe, effective, high quality care and the best possible clinical outcomes.
  3. Improve how we use technology - to ensure that we are running efficient and effective services for the benefit of our staff and patients. This includes transforming the way we deliver traditional outpatient care by helping people to make appointments, manage prescriptions and view health records online to reduce unnecessary visits to hospital or other services.
  4. Improve the health, wellbeing and sustainability of our workforce - by making our region a great place to work and ensuring staff have the skills and support they need, whilst developing how we collectively recruit, retain and train our staff to work differently and more flexibly in the future.
  5. Improve access to and standards of care for people with learning disabilities - so that more people can live in the community, with the right support close to home and receive the best possible health outcomes.
  6. Improve access to and standards of mental health care - by breaking down the barriers between physical and mental health services, supporting people with severe and enduring mental illness and improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people.

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Find out more in our Summary Booklet