Vision and values

Our values should be the ‘golden thread’ which runs through everything we do; it is the core of who we are.

To help us to consistently 'live our values', values based behaviours have been developed to underpin our values. The Trust values have been grouped together to form the acronym ICORE.

When we consistently demonstrate our values through our behaviours, we gain the trust of others.

In order to live our values: -

  • We need to believe in them
  • We need to think about them
  • We need to talk about them
  • We need to acknowledge when we see the values being demonstrated
  • We need to pause and reflect when our behaviours are inconsistent with the values

The values based behaviours provide us with specific examples of behaviours that demonstrate our values and those that do not; however it is not an exhaustive list. We all have good days and bad days; we need to appropriately help and support each other to be aware of how our behaviours impact on others.